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There is always a certain amount of panic, when you need to shift house or perhaps even leaving the city.  All these involves packing your belongings in cartons, which may not be of good quality. Although, the packing is temporary only, but the chances of damage when packed in substandard boxes would undoubtedly damage the articles inside.

It is best to avoid such a nuisance as each item has not only a cost tag attached to it but also sentimental values.

Why is Smart Box the best and a workable solution?

Peakhurst Storage thinks ‘ out of the box ‘! 

All one has to do, if they are residents of Sydney & Melbourne is place a call and invite personnel to visit your residence or office you are shifting from. The next few immediate steps are:

• Based on your requirements, Smart Boxes would be delivered at your doorstep.

• You can use the next twenty-four hours to pack your material into the smart boxes.

• We will arrive at your place once the boxes are packed and safely transport it to our cheap storage Sydney units for safekeeping.

• In the event you require the smart Boxes back, you have to give a two-week notice, and we would deliver it at the address mentioned.

2. Safety & Security:

The goods packed would be returned to the owner in the same condition we received it. Based on this, what follows are the safety and security measures that Peakhurst storage adopts.

•The boxes are manufactured using plantation pine timber, which can breathe, and this prevents mold condensation.

• We at Peakhurst storage use a ramp to roll the boxes into the truck or out of it. In case some items weigh a lot, rental trolleys are used.

• The stacking of the boxes inside the truck is done professionally.

• The storage houses at .are kept clean, vermin free, and CCTV cameras are monitoring it around the clock and the security personnel to prevent theft.

3. Client’s rights and responsibilities:

The client does have his duties and liberties in this whole process.

• It is your responsibility to pack the items into the smart boxes.

• It is best to intimate us two weeks in advance to deliver it back


• It is your right to visit our safe storage and inspect your smart boxes. It would help if you informed us in advance in case you require to remove any article(s) from the boxes.

4. Your options as a client:

• If you want our professionals to pack it for you, we are willing to do it.

• We at Peakhurst Storage would be ready to deliver it at different addresses specified smart boxes.

• We are eager to deliver all or part of it to an overseas location, too, from our cheap storage Sydney.

• We are bound to provide you information about your boxes, tracking records, etc. All free!


From the above, it is easy to determine that Peakhurst Storage is the best solution provider for packing, storage, and redelivering it safely. One would also find out that the cost of this service is the lowest and ‘ Cheap Storage Sydney ‘ not only lives up to its name but effectively.

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